• Technology that scales whether you are looking
    to segment large customer files or deploy
    triggered messages.

    Our Speed and Efficiency

  • Variant4 provides you with a
    simple pricing structure, no hidden
    costs or set-up fees and market
    leading send rates to reduce your
    email marketing costs.

    Our Value

  • Built by marketeers for marketeers with over 10
    years experience in the email marketing sector.

    Our Reliability

Variant4 is an email service provider that provides you with a simple pricing structure, no hidden costs and market leading send rates to reduce your marketing costs.

Variant4 is incredibly robust and intuitive.



Our Features

Automated and triggered emails

Triggered emails are a powerful tool that can lead to higher conversion rates and save you time by automating your marketing campaigns.

Split testing

Nothing is as effective at improving your campaign metrics & ROI as split testing. Our automated split testing suite makes the entire process very easy.

Segmentation suite

Now you can easily build highly-targeted database segments for greater response and higher ROI.

Dynamic content

Deliver personalised articles, product offers or call-to-actions based upon information known about the recipient.

Advanced spam checker

Our deliverability tool powered by Litmus allows marketers to quickly diagnose any deliverability issues and correct them.

Inbox preview

Inbox preview allows you to view how your email messages render in each email client and the most popular mobile devices.

Integrated social sharing

With our social sharing tool, you'll enable your recipients to share your email on their social networks with a single mouse click.

Easily access & edit HTML

Our WYSIWYG editor lets you upload and edit HTML code, and reimport edited code from any app you choose.

and more...

Track your results in real time. Watching clicks, opens and bounces as they happen.
You can load mailing lists and data straight into Variant4 from either a CSV or Excel file, in a couple of mouse clicks.
Variant4 shows detailed reporting on opens, clicks, bounces and user engagement.