About Us

Variant4 is an email marketing provider who specialise in helping businesses get the best results from their campaigns. Free training and consultancy for every client will help you get the best ROI from your marketing activity.

Who We Are

Variant4 is owned and operated by Submission Technology Ltd. Founded in 2003, Submission Technology launched the UK's first ever cashback website, GreasyPalm. Since then we haven't looked back and today the company operates an extensive portfolio of web properties and services that generates thousands of leads and retail sales each month.

Over the years we have used various email solutions that proved either lacking in functionality or were simply over-priced. As a result we have developed our proprietary solution, designed by email marketeers with real world experience in driving revenue from email. Now our solution is available to organisations that require a robust solution combined with exceptional service at a cost that will bring an immediate uplift in your campaigns ROI.

Our History