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How do bank holidays affect email campaigns?

Hurrah! The bank holiday is upon us! For many of us this means 3 days off work and a chance to catch up on the DIY, take a mini break or simply fit in that game of golf you’ve been trying to plan for so many weeks. But what does this mean for your email marketing campaigns?bank holiday

Firstly the weather might well play a big role in how they perform – will people be stuck indoors and bored due to rain (therefore checking their email more thoroughly or on the desktop) or wanting to spend the day outside in the sunshine (therefore checking their email on the go or not at all)? If you suspect the sun will be out over the bank holiday then we suggest investigating how your email renders on different mobile devices as people are likely to be out and about and checking their emails on handheld devices. It might even be worth investing in a responsive email template so that your emails will display perfectly on both desktop and handheld devices.

It is also worth considering that weekends, and therefore bank holidays, might not the ‘best day’ to send emails due to the general reduction of internet activity when people are off doing other things. If you see a slight drop in campaign engagement then you can typically attribute it to this, although of course it all depends on the demographic of your list.

But what about in the run up to the bank holiday? Would you usually offer your customers any special content or offers during other seasonal holidays? Perhaps this is something you could tie in to your bank holiday mailings too, like many companies already do. Retailers are often keen to cash in on consumers having more time to spend purchasing or visiting attractions.

Whatever you do this bank holiday weekend we hope you can take the time to relax, enjoy it and know that your scheduled mailings are safe in the hands of Variant4!


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