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Love Is In The Air...

It’s Valentine’s Day soon and the world of email marketing is once again going into overdrive. Messages are being sent trying to romance recipients into making purchases or bookings and e-cards are being picked ready for the special day.

But what can you do to engage your recipients with your messages of love and lead them to make a purchase or two? Well, analytics might not be the most romantic of topics but we really can’t recommend it enough at this time of year – segment, segment, and segment again!

Knowing who your audience are and tailoring your message accordingly could make the difference between sparking a flirtation with your recipients and getting the dreaded brush off.

The easiest and perhaps best segmentation to do for Valentine’s Day is splitting your user list by gender. This is especially relevant for a celebration with such a clear target market – men and women.


Although there will always be exceptions, most email marketers can assume that the majority of their lists are comprised of heterosexual recipients (if you have data to the contrary then all the better!), and hopefully a large proportion of those are looking to buy a gift for their loved one. Armed with this knowledge you can segment your data based on gender, splitting your list into two sections – male and female.

Once you know who your recipients are you can build two different email creatives (or even one dynamic one), each with tailored content. For example, the email geared towards women could contain content traditionally aimed at men – think watches and cufflinks. Likewise, the email designed for men should really have women in mind - lingerie and perfume anyone?

If your content is gender neutral, for example days out or restaurants, then why not try editing subtle sections of your creative such as colours, images or even language. You might find that a ‘50% off’ discount might resonate better with one gender than a ‘half price’ call to action. Split testing is ideal for figuring out what works and what doesn’t before your big send.

But don’t forget that gender isn’t the only thing you can target on at Valentine’s Day. Do you have a discount code for your users? You could try sending different codes to different postcodes based on the bestselling products in that area. How about segmenting your recipients based on age? Or even running a special ‘Anti-Valentine’s’ campaign for your recipients who you know are single?

Of course, the best email marketers will know that it’s good to go that extra mile for your recipients every day, but if you haven’t - Valentine’s Day is a great place to start.


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