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The Myth That No One Buys On Fridays...

My name is Ross Campbell and my role is the head of business development at Variant4. I wanted to start contributing to the Variant4 blog with some of the experiences, challenges and successes that we have had at Variant4 from the sales side. I would also like to share my own experience and views on the industry as a whole.

Is it a myth that Friday is not a good day for sales in digital marketing? Or is there any truth to the myth that Friday is a bad day for sales full stop? If all of the people you want to speak to are in the pub from 1PM you might as well not bother even picking up the phone right? Wrong. As of 3PM today (Friday 23rd May) I have closed 2 deals with a potential 3rd on the way as America wakes up between 1pm and 5pm GMT, so there is no excuse for not having a busy day planned. 
In my opinion sales is at the very least a Monday to Friday, if not a 7 days per week job (you never know who you might meet on your days off). If you aren’t speaking to clients and following up on your prospects all week then you’ll never know what day suits for them to speak.

On the flipside, an hours product demo on a Friday afternoon over the phone booked at 3 or 4PM may not be the best time, as this is also a good time for internal catch ups and strategy meetings. This would be my exception to the rule.

However, my thoughts are that the digital marketing sector is one of the most social that I have ever worked in and therefore a quick follow up call on a Friday for whatever reason is usually welcomed. Whether it’s the morning or the afternoon, picking up the phone will more often than not result in a rapport building and genuinely interesting conversation about someone’s weekend plans (I will be belatedly celebrating my beloved Arsenal winning our first major trophy for a nearly a decade!) or an opportunity to find out next week’s availability so you can book in a suitable time to talk about business.  Both of these scenarios will work wonders for a deal in the pipeline and can even present an opportunity to close.

Here’s a textbook example - you call your client on Friday at 4PM. Your client cannot speak for long but after a quick chat about the busy or chilled weekend they have planned you book in a call for the following Monday at 11AM to go through your proposal. You call back on Monday with a genuine reason and a great relationship building opportunity has arisen as you have the common ground that the weekend’s activities have provided to discuss, followed by an opportunity to go through your proposal.

So if you are using Friday as an excuse to have a quiet day with little or no activity then you are doing yourself out of a day of prime selling time.


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